Get intros to people who can help you,

from people you already trust.

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Trust is everything

Getting help and advice is a personal thing. So if we’re inviting someone into our lives to help and advise us, we need to trust them implicitly. Kintro helps you find advisors by getting intros from your professional communities - people you already trust.

People like to help

People are good. People like to help. They just need a reason to help. So at Kintro, we help you to help yourself. You can join communities and post Requests, where people can help you by doing an intro, making a recommendation or suggesting a resource.

Get Advice

Post requests for help on professional problems you’re dealing with

Arrange a talk
Find humans and suggest to meet online or in person.

Our smart search engine allows you to find answers to any question

Search for specialists by a name you know.
...or search for topics of your interest.
Select your best match and book them!
Ask for help

Post requests for help on professional problems you’re dealing with

Write it down
Add your insights on a topic or write what you have learned recently.
Be a part of community

Enjoy the company of active entrepreneurs, investors, founders and experts who value sharing learnings.

Browse through requests people share everyday.
Share feedback and your ideas in the comments.
Show appreciation through social interactions.

People love learning

That’s what our users think.

The easiest way to get help with whatever challenges I’m tackling. I can get help on MY problems, not just generic, impersonal problems.
Ezra Michaels
Solid gold. I can’t imagine getting help and advice any other way.
Seth Rodgers
Ann App beyond this century: full of valuable information and great people behind it. Fully trustworthy and never running out of knowledge
Morning Star
Intros are sooooo much better than filters or ’ai’. I trust my professional communities to point me to the right people.
Denas Danyla
Instagram, WhatsApp, Email and now Kintro... the 4 apps now on my phone’s main nav bar.
The ONLY way to get help, when you need it, from the people you need it. Can’t believe it took till 2022 to get something so useful.
Tadas K
Kintro is the best way to engage with my community.
Kintro is just an awesome place to help people, which I get even more value from than asking for help myself!
Whatever you’re looking for, from business coaching through arts and crafts advice you can find it here. Nothing beats human experience delivered from the best of the best.
Met some great people with help of this and app definitely delivered on it’s promise. I got information that probably wouldn’t be available elsewhere.
Try this app to find people who can help with any topic, not just by reading a blog post but talking to a real person
User friendly app, great to use when YOU need a professional advice.
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