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CTO of Kintro
London, UK
Hi, I'm СТО of Kintro, a peer-to-peer consulting marketplace, offered in a SaaS wrapper for professional communities to build far more useful communities.

I'm a largely self-taught programmer who started in blockchain - at one point I was more comfortable with Solidity than JavaScript. I know it's a cliche but I'm genuinely passionate about tech - programming languages, like TypeScript and ReScript; widgets like Tridactyl and Dark Reader I can't live without; how pieces of a tech stack fit together - I use Arch, with i3 instead of a desktop environment, btw. For professional communities, Kintro makes your community infinitely more useful to the members, which makes it a perpetual motion machine for engagement.

As far as proper educational qualifications go, I have a 4 year Hons degree in music - classical composition and jazz arrangement. I passed the CFA level 1 exam and I aspire to take the level 2 and 3 at some point in the future. I have done first year computer science, and a jumble of first year math, finance, and statistics courses.

Outside of my professional life, I'm a digital nomad and I have a podcast about investing in art that has an extremely lax release schedule.
My services
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30 min

Ask Me Anything over Coffee
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30 min

Code mentorship over Zoom
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45 min

Chart a learning path for guitar
€116.34 / mo
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45 min

Stripe Integration Advice
€116.34 / mo
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30 min

Tester subscription 2
€290.85 / mo
15 min

non recurring
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20 min

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20 min

some title 4
€20 / mo
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Jason Basel
about 1 year ago
A great first test of :)
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